Garden Fence Maintenance, Fence Post and Panel Repair in Surrey

We can work on a supply basis on fitting fence panels and repairing all types of fencing, in particular also being able to offer the repair of fence posts and panels. We can supply, install and repair all types of fencing whether it may be for your home, office or commercial unit. Not only can you contract us to give your outer space a fresh new look, we can also work on a maintenance basis. Where your fencing may have become damaged in stormy weather or through years of wear and tear, our service Fence Post and Panel Repair services can really help.

Whether it is a regular low cost garden fence repair that you require or a more complex and large scale repair, we are flexible in our working approach and we can supply all the materials and labour at a very reasonable cost. Our contractors benefit from having years of experience and being familiar with all of the major types of posts and panels.

We can also supply and erect fencing gates, fencing panels with concrete or timber posts and will undertake all forms of fencing repair and security fencing.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a single post or panel or a large scale garden fence in need of repair or replacement. Over the years, we have undertaken no end of jobs so you can be sure we’ll be able to help with ease.

Please have a look through our website to view the wide range of services we can provide and the gallery of projects we have completed to date. If you have a requirement for Garden Fence Maintenance, Post and Panel Repair in the Surrey area, please contact us direct today on 07789203648 or call the office on 01293 769595 or email us to