Radiator Covers Uckfield

We offer and fit high quality radiator covers for customers in the Uckfield area. All our radiators are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit. We offer an unrivalled choice of designs and grille patterns. We can ensure all radiator cabinets can be finished in a large selections of colours and real wood veneers. We can also create these covers bespoke to bay windows.


Serving the areas in and around Uckfield, in terms of the design and styles, we can provide home owners with both modern and classic custom wooden radiator cabinets and covers to match your existing furniture. In this sense we can deliver covers custom to any type of grille available can be fitted giving you a vast choice to suit your style and taste.

Fitted Radiator Covers Uckfield

Fitted Radiator covers not only enhance the appearance of a room, they also offer protection from burning. This is an excellent safety precaution if you have young children in your home.

Upon calling Surrey No1 Handyman to custom fit your radiator covers, you are drawing on our endless experience in creating and fitting a wide variety of radiator cover designs. We have been doing this for years and in particular, across a wide variety of radiator dimensions, both large and small. We can and will oversee the entire process, ensuring you still have the necessary access to your radiator and that the fitting is 100% accurate.

One thing for sure is we will never try to sell you any unnecessary works you do not need in your home. We are punctual and honest and strive to ensure your radiator covers will sit safely, securely and effectively as an attractive point in the room.

Please note also, we can if required offer decorating services if you wish for your covers to be painted.

Contact us today for radiator covers of a high standard in the Uckfield area. Please call us direct on 01293 769595 or direct to 07789203648. Alternatively, please email us on info@surreyno1handyman.co.uk and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.