Millboard Composite Decking

Millboard are one of the leading producers of composite decking. They are a British family run business renowned for their craftsmanship and distinction. Millboard has been operating in the UK and beyond since 1976.

Through their industry leading manufacturing process Millboard are able to combine the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance and durability of polyurethane, a material well known for its strength, durability and resistance to rotting. This combination gives you the best of both worlds providing you with a a function and highly attractive decking that will last for many years to come.

Millboard decking is incredibly versatile and can be used in pretty much every outdoor space (subject to building control). You can create decks, cladding, balconies, roof gardens, boardwalks, bridges, pontoons, seating, steps, planters and much much more. Millboard can also be used as the decorative face for most outdoor designs, as long as it is fixed firmly to a structural element.

Millboard decking has a unique “Lastane” surface which is produced using the same pliable material as the soles of shoes, boasting slip-resistance even in wet conditions. Beneath the Lastane surface is a polymer resin core, reinforced with fibre for extra strength and material stability,

Sustainability is a crucial element of Millboards ethos. Millboard decking and the processes used to create it have been rigorously tested to ensure there is a minimal impact on the environment. Millboard are the first premium outdoor flooring company in the world to have their carbon footprint independently verified and UKAS accredited, to the international standard ISO 14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark – 1.31kg / CO2 per m2


The manufacturing process is carried out here in the UK, making transport costs are lower than those of imported hardwood or composite decking. Millboard also uses sustainable packaging. Their decking puts no pressure on the world’s hardwood forests, and its durability also leads to fewer demands on global resources overall. There’s also no need to use potentially harmful cleaners or preservatives.

Millboards unique Lastane layer resists stains and scratches and is designed to withstand the demanding outdoors environment. Their dual-tone Lastane surface is hand tinted using pigments which are designed to resist fading and sun damage. Millboard is completely wood-free and non-porous, which means it has high resistance to algae growth and amazing anti-slip properties. Their unique. closed ‘cellular’ internal structure reduces weight whilst maintaining strength. The structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength. Also, Millboard decking is solid, not hollow. This makes it strong and means it won’t warp, rot or harbour insects and pests like traditional timber would.

Right from the initial laying of the unique Lastane surface, through to the pouring of fiber-reinforced resin-mineral filler, Millboard focus on always achieving the finest quality finish. Each piece is hand-coloured by Millboards master craftsmen to establish that authentic wood finish.

Millboards Limited Warranty gives you peace of mind and they assure you that they will stand by the provisions, as laid down in their Limited Warranty document. They will issue you with either a Residential 25 year Limited Warranty or a Commercial 5 year Limited Warranty depending on the installation application of the boards and when it is registered within 90 days of the installation.

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